Saturday, March 29, 2008

Trip to the hospital.

This wonderful day turns into the worst and scariest day in my life.My 4 year old son decided he wanted to be just like Superman .He climbed up on top of his dresser and decided to jump down,so he could fly.The only problem with this "he can not fly"instead of flying he landed on the corner table and split his head open.Blood was everywhere and it is all I could see.My heart sank and the worst popped in my head.What was I gonna do,I tried stopping the blood pouring out,but with out any luck.I wrapped his head up grabbed him and headed to the hospital.We set in the waiting room for almost a hour before the took us back both me and my son was covered in blood.The doctor told me he was gonna need stitches,and I almost feel over.My son is only 4yrs old.They started to clean his head and he started crying "please mommy lets go home i OK now"
This just started me crying and the doctor told me a needed to leave so they could start putting the stitches in ,my reply to him was no way in hell am I gonna leave his side.They tried to numb it and it took them 7 times sticking him with a needle in his head to even get the area numb and then it took 17 stitches.I never felt so bad in all my life or felt so helpless either there was nothing I could do to stop the pain he was going Thur and I felt like I totally let him down as his mother.I was suppose to protect him and I could not.This was the worst day of my life.My son Jordan has decided now he doesn't like Superman any more he has moved on to the Tasmanian devil so this design I found just for him.
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