Monday, March 31, 2008

What will they come up with next?

The old days when quit time and adult time was the norm has been replaced with mom can I do this or mom I didn't do it.The quit time now is only at night when the young ones go to bed and the adult time has been replaced with "how do we get that grilled cheese sandwich out of the VCR"

I have a 4yr old son named Jordan and a 6yr old daughter named Brieanne.Let me tell you their imagination and mouths go all the time and run on overload.The things they can come up with just floor's me.My 4yr old just asked if I could send sissy back to the store and get a big bubby instead.After I stopped laughing my reply was" baby sissy didn't come from the store and we can not send her back for a trade in" Jordan's replay was well where did you get her? (OK imagine a 4yr old starring at you with eyes wide open and not wanting to drop this subject)i tried to explain to him that his sister came from my tummy and his reply was "EWWWWW mom did you poop her out" I just fell over and was laughing so hard I peed my pants.How do children come up with the things they come up with?
I got lucky and my husband came in and my son switched from me to his dad for answers.At least for the time being I am safe,I know I will have to try again to explain it to him,but maybe my that time he will be older and I will get smarter or something like that.His dad just told him that baby's come from their moms tummy and the doctor takes them out.Which left my son with more questions so his dad let him play and the questions just stopped that fast.
But how do you answer question's like these,my daughter is 6 and she is just worried about lip gloss and purses.She never asked any thing like this.
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