Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wonderful teachers

My kindergartner has a wonderful teacher, her name is Mrs Layfield and she takes extra time with her students ans has so much patient with them.I am starting to think she is a saint, I just don't think I could spend eight hours a day with 17 5,6, and seven year olds not be wanting to pull my hair out just a little bit,I only have two children and love them with all my heart but at some point in time I am at the point of wanting to pull my hair out,they both have so much energy and ask questions non stop,that I just admire teachers.Mrs Layfield has even come up with a way to get her students to do homework on their spring break with no complaints.She made them each a journal and asked them to write a short story each day on what they did on their spring break and my daughter loves it.Her reply to my hunny why do you have homework on spring break was "mom get a grip,it is not home work it is my own journal mom."The things kids come up with just floor me.So I give extra credit for all the teachers out.God Bless them all.

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