Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cancer, The ugliest disease there is

My father has been diagnosed with lung cancer and it has totally devastated him and all of us around him.It has been three months since he was diagnosed and I have watched him go thru not being able to eat to just crying non-stop and there is nothing I can do to help him but pray to god my every wakening moment.

I have set for hours researching this disease,and from what I gathered it basically just eats you from the inside out.The doctors have tried radiation and it didn't work,it just made my father more sick and more tired than he already was.Weight loss and loss of appetite is normal we have been told.He will also go thru vomiting and headaches and not being able to sleep.All side effects of the radiation.That coupled with the cancer how is it possible to make him feel better when he is going thru so much already.The doctor has told all of us to try to keep him in good spirits at all times.He is just ready to give up.And we can't stop it.

The only thing that he still has left is his faith and we are all praying for him.So if you are reading this please add my father Earnest Harris to your prayer list at your church or nightly prayers.

A little about my father.He is sweet and kind at heart.Has such a sweet since of humor that he could make any one laugh.He is just so wonderful.Giving and caring.Let me tell you a story of how giving he is,one of his neighbors couldn't come up with their rent money and never asked him for it,he overheard the landlord giving a eviction notice and he never said a word he just went and got his check book and wrote out a check for their rent for two months and gave it to the landlord and asked them not to tell how the rent was paid.Even though this left him short on money for two months he didn't care.His reply to me when I asked dad why did you do that you can not afford that"sis if you treat people how you want to be treated and help others,God will provide for you all you need in your life".

This is my father and younger bother Earnest and Mike.
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