Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids, when they just can not sit still.

I love both my kids, but some times I would love just to be able to tie them down for five seconds to get them to sit still.I know I can not do this and it is wrong to think this way sometimes.My kids seem to have energy stored up somewhere in their tiny little bodies and just when all of my energy runs out,they hit the restore button on theirs and they are ready to go full steam ahead all over again.I mean where do they get all of that energy from,is it because they eat all day long or is there a magic button they only know about and hit that button when they know their parents is all worn out?I would love some of their energy,even when they are sick they still have more energy then I do.Any other parents out their that have the answer to where do children get their energy from,I would love to know.
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