Saturday, April 19, 2008

OOH things I just hate to do

OK there is just some things I just hate to have to go through.Even though I know I have to do them.

1) Cleaning the toilet- UGGGGGG!
2) Trying to convince the kids the medicine will taste good- not a easy thing to do!
3) Pap smear time- just eewwwwwwwwwwww
4) time for the monthly visit- awful,gross,painful
5) Trying to convince hubby he needs to go to the doctor.-he is worse than the kids
6) Time for the in laws to visit- OK nothing is ever perfect in my house ggrrrrrrrr
7) Trying to get the kids to think they will like veggies- OK that is just hard
8) Explaining to children they can not have ice cream for dinner
9) Cleaning the fridge- how does it keep getting dirty?
10) laundry- it seems like there is never a ending to it,I get done and turn around and there is more,where does it keep coming from?

If you are a mom and have things you just dislike also and they are not on my list add a comment and add them to it.
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