Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Being a single mom

When you are starting out as a single mom no one tells you that you have to be the" bad guy" all the time, that because you stuck in there you get the reward of seeing the oh no face your child gives you when you tell them there's no money for that or no friends cant come over now. But no one told me that I would be the one to get all the hugs and get to tell all the bedtime stories, which is one of the best parts. Being a single parent in this day and age is very difficult and hard. I work 12 hour shifts and come home to a mess every night and for that I thank GOD for everyday. Having all of the weight on my shoulders is not a good balancing act, I don't have all the answers and get lost on what I am supposed to do next but I guess all parents feel this way at some point or another. Being a single mom of two has helped me to stress way more than I use to, pull my hair out more, use voices I didn't know I had and feel emotions I didn't think possible. So for all the single moms out there hold in there even on the days you just go hummmmmm
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