Monday, November 7, 2016

Emergency room treatment ?

Ok when you go to the ER you are normally treated good and they run all the test needed to find out what is wrong with you or your child, I took my daughter there and we were there for it seems like forever and a day but that is normal where I live but today with my daughters fever at 102.7 they didn't want to draw blood for test or swab her throat which is swollen they told me she had a virus
its going around give her Motrin. WHAT THE HELL she is 15 and never gets sick but to not run any test and keep us there for so long then to come in and try to discharge us no no.So I called her doctor and she is going to set brie up with a specialist for her throat and she is going to see her on Wednesday. I will never go to this hospital again I will travel a hour for another one if I have to.
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