Tuesday, November 29, 2016

When you owe more than you have

When you owe out more than you have coming in,and people around you think you are made of money.With everything I have been going thru this month I not sure how I have not lost my mind yet.
I owe out about 500.00 more than I make all because my ex husband can not make his child support payments and I have gotten behind on everything then he tells deal with you have all kinds of money you do not need mine to raise your kids,ummm hello they are both of our kids and the child support is
your part of helping to raise them because you don't play a physical roll in that,I pray all the time for GOD to give me the strength to make it thru another day and sometimes I feel my heart almost coming out of my chest and still I'm here breathing so I know I'm here for a reason and GOD never lets me down or lets me fell so all I can do is keep praying .
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