Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not ready for christmas!

Ok when my children were 5 and 6 it was so much easier and cheaper to buy for them.Now its one gift is over fifty dollars and that is if I am lucky.Does everyone go thru this?Christmas has became so much about top dollar and less about getting together and enjoying time with each other.My kids just want to know if I am going o be able to afford what they are asking for or do they have to call their dad and try to get it from him.They don't ask anymore if mom do you have to work or are you going to be home for Christmas,mom can we make Christmas cookies or mom do you have time for us to decorate a ornament this year or go look at lights since the divorce I not even sure one year has gone by that we have felt like a family at all anymore Christmas should be about getting together and family love and fun not about money
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